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what should i get my boyfriend for christmas?
we've been dating for over three months but i'm very inlove with him, and i know he's getting me something expensive and nice, and i'm not sure what to get him. i'm 16 and he's 18 if that makes a difference at all
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A lesson in the effectiveness of written communication could start today by writing and asking what life is about for each family, friend, co-worker, to write a list of things each person wants with each person or group acquaintance’s skill set’s ability to exchange skills freely for the benefit of everyone and their own skills intake and context mapped supply and demand by the local global resource transmission as context perceived by your associates and weekly priority reassessment life coaching or mentoring; perspective to three minutes or three years from now... and you have given him something more by receiving for yourself a clear picture in your mind without the need for a real person to collaborate and share some intent of purpose which will sustain a friendship and pair of separate life paths much stronger than frivolous material tools purchased for luxury when you could invest in a home automation multimedia context mapping center with wireless headphones for each family member and content from iTunesU loaded by someone who selects media relevant to your goals and personality or as a service by your health family or work needs like domestic violence media selections personalized to each person suffering from domestic violence communications infrastructure difficulties and conflict resolution skills.

With the computer you can download from iTunesU for free... so I think you can start, today with a conversation among 3 or 5 friends about where your lives are going or what you want to do 3 years from now or education right now with simple things like projects ideas off instructables, and keep an audio recording of it then later go back and write down the main points so that you can start looking at what kind of savings budget monthly it will take to build the foundation of skills or tools to reach some of those goals with friends and keep in mind that some of these people will be around for a long time and some will only ask you for money later in life depending on how well they used their life energy resource safely always in preparation and motivation for "Getting Things Done Fast" (AudioBook)... Sociology is "The Big Picture" thinking or open mindedness... and it will serve you well because maintaining too much focus on short term relationships with summer job friends whom you may have classes with later or need to train for self defense or borrow a cup of compost from while you are trying to grow food to eat if the economy completely shuts down...

Maybe the iPod Touch but you can get a good deal on pricewatch for an MP4 player (1 year warranty) and instructables handmade leather case is nice touch; and spread the savings to a really nice set of headphones and extra rechargeable batterys or a nice hand crank charger (treehugger)

Don't be quick to judge this answer... keep it and think carefully about the information I gave.

There was an article on a site the five essential mobility or mobile gear essentials NOT to cheap on and how to save money getting them... I think it was on lifehack or lifehacker or techcrunch.

The really important thing here is how will you use the device... meaning will you get the most out of it by getting material from iTunesU and Podcasts as well as using goals essential audiobooks mixed in with your entertainment.

TORRENT random repeat of all 125 tracks of the art of war audiobook flash cards, 48 laws of power Dao Te Ching survival psychological manipulation lies playspeed with incremental playback is crucial Buddhist podcast

Sociology subject index or topic list on Wikipedia. Will be useful in your near future.
like a semantic media compass use this with the wheel of Buddhist terms poster to laminate pages for a beanbag game lifehacker . com /5072354/block-posters-makes-a-large-poster-from-any-image

A lot of the things on iTunesU are also video... which if you get it outside iTunesU might need free video converter software. Touch Screen like some of the new tablet PC laptops or if it has an affordable + Unlimited Data plan for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot for your friends laptops where ever you meet up for study group wiki like collaboration tag on ZIIPA or Go2web20.

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better | OEDB.

A Vision of Students Today

In Uncertain Times, Prepare Yourself for New Opportunities

Child Neglect

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High school + college students! GTD-Free + of audio book Getting Things Done Fast. Then: Wiki TAG = + green on Ajax mashup. Adobe Flash Player + Java update + WinAudit driver update.

torrent random repeat all 125 tracks = the art of war audiobook flash cards, 48 laws of power DaoTeChing survival psychogical maniplatin lies nextup.c + incremented playback + playspeed Buddhist podcast

hex shape soundproof sleep chamber touchscreen allows people to save money by sharing one house and underground walk in cooler and non electric appliances and gardening mobility investmnt group edu SWAT4

2yrtimeshare multiple input per cpu wireless touchscreens/projectorS or exercising 1yr HRM train before enlisting, while listening to wireless headphone educational mp3 like iTunesU. saves money for investing in alternative energy Wikinomics PDF search engine

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iTunesU PDF audiobook conversion function get more RAM I WILL TWEAK COMP OR TUTOR OR RAKE LEAVES FOR FOOD CALL NOW. TRANSPARENCY.ORG accurate precision ADHD isn’t real ClimateChange isn’t real PSY 101

like a semantic media compass use this with the wheel of Buddhist terms poster to laminate pages for a beanbag game lifehacker . com /5072354/block-posters-makes-a-large-poster-from-any-image

Trade all Skills freely + openly to share how to knowledge. Workplace training videos specific task skills for easier performance posted to video site or howto site. Lifehacker = 8 antispyware simultaneously
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