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Web2.0 Sustainablity AR RA word abacus

What life energy word abacus measures the sustainability infrastructure semantic web seed?

The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)

Life energy word abacus educational infrastructure LIFESTREAM transmission measurement sociology subject index context mapping distributed computing crowd sourcing critical thinking multimedia augmented reality remembrance agent software and hardware.

Local ADHD orphan (no family) enables community to support sustainable infrastructure development worldwide. By volunteering to teach local people how to make the most accurate and

precise (not perfect) efficient and effective transmission of resources and ability's (measured); with computer skills training for home office and social productivity; and goals integrated to sustainable

and ethical social and business office like SSRI non-profit office worker skills and supply and demand of assessed skills people working on local goals integrated to national goals which are integrated into

larger global goals to offset global crisis damage factors like pollution or energy waste via energy conservation; with logistics of personal energy investment to a sustainable earth life biotic mass

critical mass transmission while avoiding the social engineering infrastructure failures of the 1950's which uses CIA agents asking college professors to submit research questions to college students

which are then fed back up the pentagon chain of command wiki to advise congress law makers children how to maintain family power base of IT knowledge base turnover Chinese military

intelligence genius clone supercomputer OS building wiki for the weaponization of information technology 5 years from now when the Atlantic ocean currents shut down because the polar ice cap

detached from north America and USSR and was pushed into the pacific by Australian coal barges and CCD bee's.

What life energy word abacus measures the semantic web seed?

Life energy word abacus educational infrastructure LIFESTREAM transmission measurement sociology subject index context mapping distributed computing crowd sourcing critical thinking multimedia augmented reality remembrance agent software and hardware.

Life coaching personal information management sustainability infrastructure and computer skills training (PIMFAQ rfid IDENTITY2.0)

Life coaching volunteer mentor personal information management context mapping lifestream sustainability infrastructure and computer skills INFORMATION DENSITY INTEGRATION PREPAREDNESS ASSESMENT FOR ENTRANCE LEVEL TO LIFE COACHING OR CONTEXT BASED LIFE TRANSMISSION SUSTAINABILITY LIFESTREAMING

Personal assistant gathers media for families who are using a media Center or slingbox enabled set of wireless headphones and heads up display or wireless touch monitor A/V while they are doing gardening or canning at home or for volunteers gardening for elderly.

Wireless audio video interface and recording for communications with elderly persons who do not have anyone to help them.

I am being restricted from posting anything to youtube and told that I can not communicate with anyone in my community or online by my probation officer because of my youtube videos ID: TradeSkillsLLC and I sent email to all of the USA branch chapters of about the destruction of my life by my family and community government and Western International University (AXIA online) of the Univeristy of Phoenix Online.

I have been trying to do nonprofit and environmental advocacy for 11 years in this backwoods hick baptist town and have been abused and neglected and medical malpractice because of my AD/HD as a child and Adult.

Also a Police Detective threatened to murder me because I gave someone my business card with a link to my webpage that mentioned audio books and asked her to look at the book titles on my page with her mother or family.

What earth biotic mass critical mass life energy sustainability word abacus measures the semantic web seed?

Life energy word abacus educational infrastructure transmission measurement sociology subject index context mapping distributed computing crowdsourcing critical thinking multimedia augmented reality remembrance agent software and hardware.

torrent random repeat all 125 tracks = the art of war audiobook flash cards, 48 laws of power DaoTeChing survival psychogical maniplatin lies nextup.c + incremented playback + playspeed Buddhist podcast

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better @ OEDb

like a semantic media compass use this with the wheel of Buddhist terms poster to laminate pages for a beanbag game lifehacker . com /5072354/block-posters-makes-a-large-poster-from-any-image

High school + college students! GTD-Free + of audio book Getting Things Done Fast. Then: Wiki TAG = + green on Ajax mashup. Adobe Flash Player + Java update + WinAudit driver update. +RAM = Dragon Naturally Speaking 10. Kitchen island = Flatpack Apartment

Augmented Reality Storypole (blueprint and specifications visualizations projector or construction specification detail video for quality control and building history workmanship history)... for site workers to maintain advanced critical thinking of children s intellectual development; on iTunesU integrates to children s curriculum for work site wireless personal audio at job sites while remembrance agent software maintains safety and work task checklist's. Or home automation critical thinking multimedia selection staff (volunteered elderly or out of work persons) select multimedia and write up sociological perspective comments for the comprehension of workers children's curriculum; so that workers can share comprehension of the child's lifestream through college and context map strengths and weakness of local environment by the child's carefully assessed cognitive skills or weakness removal OR strength utilization in alternative context practices.

SHARE delicious,spy.comspy bookmarks ID: TradeSkillsLLC view 100 per page then the web2.0 + Tactical or matthewtripp + wiki tag’s.

hex shape soundproof sleep chamber touchscreen allows people to save money by sharing one house and underground walk in cooler and non electric appliances and gardening mobility investmnt group edu SWAT4

2yrtimeshare multiple input per cpu wireless touchscreens/projectorS or exercising 1yr HRM train before enlisting, while listening to wireless headphone educational mp3 like iTunesU. saves money for investing in alternative energy Wikinomics PDF search engine

and electric bike/triketruck 4 way neighborhood watch cam DVR WiMax HDTV Wi-Fi 35 frames/s blind eye cops Logistics delivery elderly demographics meals tricycle bamboo trailer neighborhood fruit tree 10 years water footprint rain harvest climate change

federally mandatory cell phone or HDTV broadband wifi audio recording from ankle monitor of all probation and parole persons with GPS integration records location duration and path for 2 or 4 weeks probation and parole federally mandatory in probation office client lifestream data input + 2000 question psycological profile for determining if clients are willing to commit international espionage planning green belt's in the 1950's CIA social engineering of infrastructure like highways built WITHOUT UNDER INTERSTATE HWY WINTER HEATING GRID PREVENTS BUSINESS MENTAL CONFLICTS WHEN DELIVERY'S ARE NOT MADE; WE NEED TO TEACH NON PROFIT AND STUDENTS THE PATH THAT TOUCH SCREEN SOCIOLOGY SUBJECT INDEX WILL TAKE WITH AUGMENTED REALITY AND SHOPPING PREFERENCES FOR MULTIMEDIA EDUCATIONAL AND LIFESTREAM HEALTH IMMERSION ADHD IS REAL CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL AND WE MIGHT HAVE TO SCALE TO LOCAL GROWN FOOD AND HANG THE CLOTHES YOU WASH IN THE HOUSE ON IN HOUSE CLOTHESLINE TO DRY, OTHER THAN THE ONES YOU ARE GOING TO WEAR IN THE NEXT TWO DAYS + schools curriculum training kids to be factory workers who have no critical thinking or debate style written goals dialogue skills media blitzkrieg of commercials for TV dinners saying everything is disposable and now we have landfills where trash does not go away and criminals do not go away they only incur further health damages crippling their public education learned communication skills to integrate to a sustainable infrastructure

rotating composter climate control 4ft coldframe uses each butter/sour cream tub once to grow 1native plant terraforming wildlife habitat 87% earth life biomass=ocean humanism. Culture of Collaboration $ panic room massage cheap laser hair removal time saved fire suppression retrofit

iTunesU PDF audiobook conversion function get more RAM I WILL TWEAK COMP OR TUTOR OR RAKE LEAVES FOR FOOD CALL NOW. TRANSPARENCY.ORG accurate precision ADHD isn’t real ClimateChange isn’t real PSY 101

Trade all Skills freely + openly to share how to knowledge. Workplace training videos specific task skills for easier performance posted to video site or howto site. Lifehacker = 8 antispyware simultaneously

Professional assessment multimedia content aggregation service context relevant instructional media for various situations where people have had and will have similar problems such as learning disabilities, domestic violence, drug use, high school dropout, family health care, unemployment, personal information management across technology platforms that are integrated into the local infrastructure perhaps with tools for context mapping for the efficient and effective application of personal strategies and tactics measured by the local demographics and ethics mapping compass The Wheel of Buddhist Terms Poster resources, that is to say if a person sets goals for themselves and writes down those goals and strategies of those goals integration to the resources needed proportions available to themselves as measured by an artificial intelligence assessment of potential for success via the psychological profile, resources profile, academic assessment. As those goals integrate to the local community supply and demand and goal patterns, assuring that there are not too many people working on the same task for people whose abilities are above the tasks difficulty which they have chosen is not wasting their potential in the context of the global sustainability economy.

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better @ OEDb + Interactive Video Object Manipulation @ vimeo dot com/2345579 + intro to sociology text subject index + adobe DOT com/technology/graphics/video_visualization_and_interaction DOT html + THE WHEEL OF BUDDHIST TERMS POSTER (ETHICS CONTEXT MAP) + like howcast dot com video incremental segmentation search @ videotaggame DOT sandbox DOT yahoo DOT com + FIREFOX ADD-ON TOOMANY TABS + SPEED DIAL + TOUCH SCREEN WIKI OF AUGMENTED REALITY GPS OF RFID ACTIVE LOCAL CONTEXT DATA MINING FOR EACH SCHOOL LESSON IN THE WEEK'S CURRICULUMS FOR HOMESCHOOLERS NOMADIC GREEN BELT JOHNNY APPLESEED INFRASTRUCTURE FOOTPRINT2.0 LIFESTREAM OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE HOME AUTOMATION SUSTAINABILITY ABACUS et cetera

Essentially this is a lack lag in the organizational structures such as school or workplace training and development

Home life skills such as household organization for task efficiency such as getting things done audiobook and software or RTM tag

That gives people the spare time to help unwed mothers or single parents finish their education by providing community organized daycare service for those disadvantaged people perhaps signing a contract for payment for service after their education is completed but a rotating group of mind volunteers would offer to babysit the children for two days or three each week of a group of single parents didn't teach daycare would be by law obligated to maintain the wireless Internet enabled cameras uploading two weeks worth of video and audio to a large hard drive over the Internet

All apartment complexes must be monitored by the wireless Internet enabled cameras on the high definition television broadband infrastructure where the video will be recorded for two weeks or longer in high crime areas

Also each apartment complex must build locally maintained and grown food plots for each person living in the apartment complex HDTV broadband Internet connected cameras record audio and video of people at recycling centers to ensure and monitor the correct application of recycling rules.

Carpenter with a four year degree could have lost his family or physical ability to maintain his profession of carpentry (by an accident) but with his four year degree he can then make a new transition more readily to a new service occupations or a personal enjoyment in his retired years of studying researching and tutoring young people.

Delicious bookmarks of places to contact once its mapped out

Foregone conclusion of climate change means we must use the most efficiency to transmit the reduction mechanizations of energy waste and time waste and skills transmission to disseminate technology worldwide to offset the countries actions which are not participating in the kyoto treaty

Pull all texts here and make a straightforward proposal check recent article deliciousBM similar ? is like is a "tickler file" of Getting things done fast audiobook

What tools will each group of people need: Audio books, computers, wifi, wiki, gardening, schoolbooks syllabus, home organization zones, TWBTP or PDF, sociology subject index, browser configuration, construction workers, multimedia selection staff, explanation of mwesh video, typing skills, wireless device selection, home automation of educational media devices like wireless headphones or touchscreen wifi monitors, budget time, purchase goals and alternative investment ROI, assesment tools learning profile or aptitude or career personality compatibility, dating outline, youth school relationship effectiveness pattern for health, bluetooth identity2.0 business cards (PIMFAQ in waiting rooms) with data share level PIMFAQ for grocery store playdate vs' corperate convention,

What tags from delicious summarize what I am aiming at… what tags are missing infrastructure EPA measurement IPCC sustainability workforcedev office2.0across platforms homelifeflow educationlifestream healthcarelifestream localbudgetwiki wikipikfromziipa online collabroation and research site selection or documents and media manipulation like yahoovideotag or sociology subject index integration as ethics lesson motivation of TheWheelofBuddhistTermsPoster elderlytechnology probation mashup ONEDOJ PDFgeni search engine augmented reality,

How to video to set up their own "My digital life/office" coaching service

From list of tasks today before vista service pack2 install where do i make the incremental playback video of how non profit people can configure various operating system for best educational home health or office productivity and upload it to non profits magazine plumbing company like the one at the old roebuck fire department where the girl was

training the other girl shorthand instead of looking for tools to make the most effective augmentation of the workers skills or service capacity how does this apply with military personnel returning from Iraq or how their kids at home can arrange multimedia device (wifi mp4 headphones) purchase and integrate critical thinking curriculum awareness between parents and students offsetting time and energy to support labor workers education for community sustainability

call libraries and similar like plumbing or contractors, salvation army and goodwill store

magazine database listing of editors wt-cox.netcom

construction companies browser and document setup for LEED wiki's

add to list flatpack kitchen table/island + (cabinets outdoor food storage in winter) makes room for

terraforming recycle and winter gardening area clothes line device in living room saves dryer energy use

SSRI volunteer staff effectiveness article perspective from email and the pitch is that if i can't keep up

with this stuff working on it 10 hours a day 7 days a week how can anyone else (school curriculum) keep up with it...

what are geeksquads rates for the same tasks and I will do it for 10 percent of that and donate to or whatever at