Saturday, February 14, 2009

lief 2.0

I am trying to start a nonprofit or grassroots movement and I could perhaps need to stay at a group home/rescue mission in Greenville or something until I find stable work and a good room mate to split rent with unless my grandparents want me to care for them. (age 82)

My intention is to use advanced computer information/innovation skills to tutor and train or select critical thinking context and concept mapping Buddhist or biotic mass ethics multimedia editing content for civic service workers or school curriculum peer review academic database administration and specifically volunteers to non-profit staff in an occupation of tutoring and addendum of multimedia content selection and editing as a copyrighted franchise licensed + maintained with a creative commons patent for open source social + environmental activism templates of non-profit development + deployment of information worker skills to the administrators of civil programs such as meals on wheels, domestic violence counselors’ + patrons or admin’s, mental health and other healthcare facilities, college and high school staff/students, military, professionals, SS disability, NA/AA, elderly, perhaps similar to or with programs like Work Keys or Sylvan Learning.

This is not a “flight of ideas,” or, “racing thoughts,” it is simply a large volume of information (sociology + data mining) which commonly serves zero quantity of interest to the popular to the opinion of the persons (staff) whom I communicate too outside a professional context and by and by myself lacking professionally organized communications or business management skills in the expression of these ideas succinctly whereby staff @ P.B. Harris Hospital can comprehend my thoughts about sociology. Lie energy of (ethics) Buddhist Terms Poster Touch screen data mining Globalcide cult of personality educated fools 1987 AD/HD is not real climate change modular mobility flowchart home/education automation Wiki curriculum.,,, Tag’s Wiki, GTD, Green,, Google = Extinctculture. Movies = Samsara, Pay It Forward, Krull, Waking Life, Batteries Not Included, Transformers, Getting Things Done Fast, iTunesU, Audio Books, Torrents, Small House Society, 125 tracks of: The Art of War + 48 Laws of Power Random Repeat Playback, and Youtube ID’s TradeSkillsLLC.,, The Wheel of (ethics) Buddhist Terms Poster (TWoBTP), Wikinomics, On Liberty, Culture of Collaboration,,,,, click2donatedaily,, MS Office OneNote 2007,,,,,,,,,, = RAM+,, Matthew Tripp,, Volunteer Web,, Share PLEASE! SHARE! Please. Ajax Mashup,,, eachholiday gathering to talk about healing/massage instead of stressing on food or decorations or gifts…?

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