Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am reborn as my extinct friend.

Who are the best bloggers that can find + are willing to share the information to support the research papers and permaculture logistics legislation needed for these students to prevent global ecosystems critical mass cascade failures? Technology Transfer?

I am Globalcide on Twitter. technical_book Critical Social Theory and the End of Work (Rethinking Classical Sociology) - by Edward Granter - Ashgate.

You are augmented reality developer from the pentagon logisitics and demographics compilation surrogate mother genius sperm + genius egg 3, five, or $3\/3|\| woman team.

RT @PerrineB What does it take to become a CSR & Sustainability communications professional? Would you add some mo.. .

Not for profit Augmented Reality Development of Web as OS for integration of Sociology to logisitics of sustainability for deployment of real time ecology student information services, perhaps via google wave...

nonfiction_book Green Metropolis (Library Edition): What the City Can Teach the Country About True Sustainability - by Owen David.

technical_book The Coming of Age of Information Technologies: Growth Theory and the Paths of Transformational ... - by Davide Gualerzi.

Google for flashcard database

Subliminal education psychological profiling HDTV

Nursing and Gov2.0 are possible spinoffs. As well as non-profit student research assistance and digital enabling of curriculum for nonprofit programs that are lagging behind the digital innovation curve. (All for the low low cost of letting a poor student use the tools has to learn a trade; (iPhone, computer + internet + Snow Leopard Server software + some books + web confrencing or emailing with the lecturers.)

Who are the best bloggers that can find + are willing to share the information to support the research papers and permaculture logistics legislation needed for these students to prevent global ecosystems critical mass cascade failures? Technology Transfer?

By, Matthew Lane Tripp
Moore, SC 29369 USA +

Student Social Media Research Assistant: Three cents per minute.

This is a not for profit service and I am willing to help people learn to do the same business if they want to run it as a nonprofit...

(So that the goal of ecological sustainability in global civilization is achieved, it doesn't matter who does the job so long as it gets done right, at a realistic cost, because the people and other life on earth of 15 and 50 years from now do not have a voice to help you make the best effort for their and your future's.)

Ecology/Sociology students only.

Essentially I will be doing for you what the semantic web and research assistants will be doing for you 7 years from now, but for almost no cost to you.

Professional Discipline information tracking; on Twitter, Facebook, Ning, LinkedIN, Delicious bookmarks, et cetera, Professional media sites or databases/journals/blogs.

Call: M.att iPhone# Google Voice #: Twitter = @Globalcide

Developing networking list’s of people / org’s to connect + be followed by on Twitter, Facebook, Ning, etc.

Multiple accounts require different strategies. Example’s: Attacking the opposition, Spying on the opposition, Defending your field or corporate position, Finding opposition’s corporate espionage agents... ***Which could show or hide the time line history / projection of your well thought out sustainability activist communications and thereby provide background information in hiring choices. While more and more older or fundamentalist religious american’s put religious propaganda out against the sustainability efforts of the people (you) who are now trying to deal with the devastation via human created climate change.***

Movies: +

There is not enough time while studying; to sort through thousands of tweets which refer to further information... (and I can find context associations with your curriculum); also; which could require immediate scheduling updates for webcasts or events in the community.

Developing real time active following list for current research paper or group project outline or abstract for more recent dissertation’s on future projects line of sight.
This functions as the transitional increase in functionality that the web will begin to automate the function of real time knowledge base updates of social media cross referencing.

You may or may not have research assistant staff in your new field and this will let you learn to administrate request’s for information on your projects and workflow... like having a secretary that sorts your email by priority for you at work (I think has this or is developing this now).

Laundry or Errands service’s

Laundry: 1 dollar per hour if I have wi-fi while doing the laundry (I can work on Multi-media data mining which is productivity) Errand’s will be 2 dollars per hour if I can accomplish errands for 3 or more people at the same store or route) (Motorcycle)

I want to develop the logistics of this for helping with home tasks for: Elderly, Disabled, Poverty Parents, Single Parents, and Students.
Coordinating Volunteer training and Security applications in the community’s surveyed needs.

Coordinating to fill the gaps of current community programs and budgets of manpower, expertise, and tool library’s or funds.

Local grown food and life coaching for gardeners based on GTD, The Art of War FlashCard Deck, Ethics semantic tools, and The 48 Laws of Power.

Life streaming of education automation during neighborhood watch + Yardening, which could integrate development of interpersonal assessment throughput via local and internationally available education programs for localized sustainability. Learning through carefully selected audio.

God is in the TeeVee (\/)arilyin (\/)anson. Slim Shady .. Voice of the Voiceless unborn speciesism bigoted rhetorical social engineering disinformation propaganda information war.

Holographic contact lens projector required. CIA controlled multinational corporations corrupting the stability of preservation of (USA national) economic sustainability transparency, CIA hired killer's working under cover as homicide investigators.

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