Monday, November 2, 2009

MM hunni OM maHH mineZ GIT MU knee

Show the virtual reality game of university administration as process outline modification effects.... for the creative commons iPhone flowchart flashcard application bluetooth projector by wall mural (flowmotion book style) process outline overlay GTD flowchart plus middle school conflict resolution, auto mechanic, restaurant dishwasher / salad or fry and prep, kid’s homework flowchart to clean their room GTD podcast, college dorm lifestyle and roommates like kitchen / bath / laundry / living room house rules troubleshooting flowchart which at restaurant stations switches mural posters not like the poster sales places but on a leftright slide shuffle... and the following of the twitter, ning, facebook, blogs, professional journals, real time information (dissertation and thesis context realtimeline maps the duration of your college experience non-tenure) as research assistant for ecology students + sociology or anthropology + political science + nursing students... their curriculum is so technically dense that they have no time to correlate real time media to their studies... then the newsletter goes to friends and other students each week or month for 25 cents to one dollar... price decreases until the best green bloggers take over the task and perform the service for free off the ad revenue without india greenwashing. FLASH. Access free software personal development audio library (+ reverse peer review is quantification by the accreditation of the materials used by students where the quality of the paper produced by the student dictates the price of the material highlighting the reference correlations of the new paper from the scientific journal) {this means that if you write crap and students try to use it for reference and the student can only make a crap paper from your professional writing (including books) you will be heavily TAXED on your profits to reinvest into research which makes the actual intellectual collaboration advancements which your work should have done but did not and you will not be allowed to publish after 3 garbage publications)} for the students and senior or disabled tutoring mentoring broadband volunteer logistics container garden compost grocery + restaurant waste with human waste solar oven’s to kill the red worm eggs? rotating composter upcycle retired 8 old people selling their house and building a sustainability house with touch screen health monitoring daily user journal + arm bracelet from phillips with health based meal planning software based flowchart selection and prep home health aid and neighborhood based vehicle equipped for transport to hospital from paramedic who lives in the neighborhood... sound proof sleep chambers allows the two mobile home health aide's to rest in the 16 (4 for students, mentor rent, or guests) elderly enabled soundproof sleep chambers in one room enables the other rooms for office and crafts space with the outdoor living space wildlife habitat... ET cetera.

find examples of workflow charts and show GTD stuff... The wheel of buddhist terms poster... is ethics not sociology not religion not philosophy not bigoted rhetoric like the bible teaching today’s nurse to administer diabetic medication from a pain pill bottleB2 weapons of mass instruction leapfrog the AI multiverse uploaded to the satellites as a distributed 512bit OS adaptation from the scanning electron microscopes TV chips inside the chips... printing the organic circuit boards schematics via the cricket brain neurotransmitter’s for the 4000 surrogate parents of the 8 year old genius egg genius semen mixture of mandarin and japanese + english technical density translation’s as edutainment content selection assistants; earthcinemacircle.web

developing daily workflow on which project we are working... each barn’s and noble context map flowchart has a public wiki which lets you select transparency overlay for each of the previously successful flowchart modification pattern (context variables of throughput in various professional or interpersonal skill quantity; kinetic / potential)

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